See how easy and fast it is to use thetudu.

Add a Friend

Find a new friend by typing their name into the search bar at the top of your screen. You can use the arrow keys to scroll through matching names. Click on the appropriate name to view their profile. Click and drag the slide bar underneath the picture to send a friend request. Once they accept your request, you will become friends.

Invite Someone to TheTudu

You can invite someone to TheTudu by typing their full, valid email address in the search bar. Clicking the dropdown will send an email invite. The signup link in the email will allow a new user to automatically become your friend. You can also send an email invite to an entire email list. The link will expire after one week to prevent any unwanted users from becoming your friends.

Add an Event

You can add an event by clicking "Add an event" above your calendar. The new event will slide out from behind your calendar in the left-hand panel. Fill in the event name, date, time, location, and details here. When you click "Create this event" at the bottom, the event will appear on your calendar. Alternatively, you can click and drag directly on the calendar on the date and time of your choosing. This will automatically fill in the date and time in the left-hand panel. Once an event is created, you can add dates and invite friends.

Edit an Event

If you only want to change the time of an event, click and drag the event in the appropriate direction. To edit other details, click on the calendar event to generate the left-hand panel. Click "Edit event details" to change the name, date, time, location, or description. This will generate an email notification to all invited guests.

Delete an Event

Click on a calendar event to see the details. Click "Delete this event" to delete. Clicking the "X" on the calendar event will decline the event for you but will not delete it for other invited guests.

Add more dates to an Event

After you create an event, click "Add more dates" in the left-hand panel. This will bring you to a 12-month calendar view. You can choose to repeat an event on certain days of the week or on a certain date each month or year. If you would like to add an end date, check the "Until" field and select your date. As you make these changes, the selected event dates will appear in blue on the 12-month calendar below. By clicking on a blue date, you can deselect it. You can also add an alternate date by clicking a gray date.

Invite Friends to an Event

Once an event is created, you can invite more friends by clicking "Invite more friends" in the left-hand panel. Scroll through your friends and select the friends you'd like to add. Confirm this selection by clicking "Invite selected users" at the bottom of the screen. This will generate an invite on your friends calendars and send them an email notification.

Respond to an Event

When you are invited to an event, it will appear on your calendar in red. You can accept the event by clicking the "✓" or decline by clicking the "x" on the red invite. Accepting will change the event to blue, whereas declining will cause the event to disappear. You can change your response status by going to the "Invites" tab and checking "Accept" or "Decline" to the right of the event details. Alternatively, click on the calendar event to view the details. You can change your response status in the left-hand panel.

Plan with Friends

To plan an event with friends, click "Plan with friends" above your calendar. Scroll through and select the friends you're planning with, then click "Create multical" at the bottom of the screen. You will now see a multical, a combined view of your friends' schedules. You can hover over darkened squares to see who is busy. White squares show when everyone is free. You can choose which friends to view using the check boxes to the left of their names. You can remove friends from the multical by clicking the "x" to the right. You can also add friends to the multical by clicking "Add more users" and selecting them in the next screen. Once you have the friends you want, click and drag on the calendar to create an event. You can leave "Invite multical friends" checked to invite all of the friends listed,
or you can uncheck the box and add friends manually.

Create a Group

Create a group by clicking the "+" in Groups. Name the group, and give it a description, then click "Create group" below. Click "Invite more friends" and select which friends to invite to the group. Once they've accepted, you can plan group events by clicking "Plan with group members" above the group calendar. Creating an event here will push an invite to all group members' calendars and send them an email notification.